Cultural Creative Agency

Digital Dreams: a Support Program for Russian Artists by CCA

Anastasia Vinogradova, works from Hygiene series. Winner of the Digital Dreams contest in the category “Digital Reality and Everyday Life: Safe Haven”


The Cultural Creative Agency (CCA) has announced an open call in order to support Russian artists during the pandemic and resulting economic recession. This grant and digital exhibition includes artworks created during or before periods of self-isolation meant to fight the epidemic. The format will include the posting of the twenty grant winners' visual artworks (painting, graphics, sculpture, video art, performance, animation) to Qatar-Russia social media and a contribution of 30,000 rubles to each grant recipient. 

In order to participate, individual artists or members of an artistic group have to be of legal age and citizens of the Russian Federation. All artists should send photo or video documentation of their works in order to apply. The e-mail should contain one of the categories of the open call (“Self-isolation: New Ways of Collaboration During Quarantine”, “Digital Reality and Everyday Life: Safe Haven”, “Dreams of a Better Future”, “New Solidarity”, “Connections: People and Their Impact on the Environment”) and links to the artist’s or artistic group’s open social media accounts. 

The deadline is July 27. Applications and inquiries should be submitted to digital_dreams@qatarrussia.ru.