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Qatari Hospitality Days in Coffeemania Restaurants

Look for a special dessert in the menu from December 1 to 9

Food is a universal language that helps us understand another country without special knowledge. In today’s world, food allows us to connect with the customs and traditions of faraway countries that we can’t reach due to circumstances. However, food cooked with respect to the heritage and history of the region it comes from can become the ambassador of the world without borders. Interaction of customs and traditions is intrinsic to the Arab countries whose culture was always closely tied to the nomadic way of life. Contemporary Qatari culture is cosmopolitan as it has absorbed ingredients from different geographical regions and climate zones. Embassy of the State of Qatar in Russian Federation together with the “Coffeemania” restaurant chain offers you to set on a gastronomic journey to one of the most fascinating Arab countries – to Qatar.

From December 1 to 9, in “Coffeemania” restaurants you will be able to order a special dessert all the most refined nuances of oriental sweets.