Shouka Records Releases Tunisian Producer Nuri’s Second Album “Irun”

“Irun” features a synthesis of African folkloric traditions with electronic music


The newest album from Tunisian producer Nuri has been released by Shouka Records. Irun meshes field recordings from a variety of North African musical traditions, along with some of their characteristic traits, with electronic beats and polyrhythmic grooves. The album’s offerings include both the energy of his live shows and careful, layered arrangements that draw on the repetitions of ritual music from the region. Listeners will experience Nuri’s unique take on the many samples of indigenous music from across the North African coastline and the Sahel region that are blended across the tracks of Irun. 

The LP and digital album is available on bandcamp through Shouka, a North-African Mediterranean music label linking electronic music to traditional patrimonies. Irun and other releases from Shouka are also available at select record shops in the MENA region.