Online “Afterlife” Game Features New Music From Asia-Pacific

The game features a wide variety of experimental musicians from the region.

Snapshot from Afterlife.
Fact Magazine

Afterlife was developed as part of Unsound, a festival that deals with evolving and mutating forms of music. The game, which includes flowing visuals and 360 degree landscapes, is meant to be an immersive experience, opening “ an interspace between post-human myths and animist cosmology, to reinvestigate the life, death, and rebirth of our digital bodies." Afterlife was created by new-media collective NAXS Corp and Meuko! Meuko!, both of whom are based in Taipei.

The soundtrack, which is an essential part of Afterlife’s gameplay, features a wide selection of experimental musicians from the Asia-Pacific Region. These include Meuko! Meuko!, one of the game’s creators, who mixes elements of of local experimental hip hop and electronic music that draws on “Taiwan’s irregular architectures and buildings, muggy, emissions-filled air, and hectic atmosphere,”Gabber Modus Operandi, who mash together their influences from the metal/noise scene and rave scene in Denpasar with happy hardcore, local gamelan, and other forms of Indonesian folk music, and Hyph11e, a Shanghai based musician who composes music for TV by day and DJs around the city by night, blending vintage noise and industrial music with field recordings and contemporary club music: 

Other notable additions to the game’s soundtrack include 33EMYBW, Mars89, and Sonia Calico.

To play Afterlife, visit the game’s website.