Short Film About Circassian Music Has Been Released

Video featuring Ored Recordings is available on the "Le Guess Who?" YouTube channel

Reports From Other Countries is a program of the Le Guess Who? Music festival, where participants talk about local music, culture, and community life in different countries. A guest of one of the latest releases was Bulat Khalilov, co-founder of the ethnographic label Ored Recordings from Nalchik, which publishes recordings of music from the Caucasus.

In the video, Bulat talks about contemporary Circassian music: from the authentic performance of traditional compositions by Zaur Nagoev to the re-shaping of melodies and images of ritual culture in the genres of post-folk and black metal by performers Jrpjej and Zafaq. According to Khalilov, "traditional music has become a kind of new underground and the most relevant music of the moment."

EastEast regularly publishes Khalilov’s conversations with performers and music enthusiasts as part of the Global Zomia project. Multiple episodes of the program are available in our Music section.