Hong Kong Mini-Musical Pieces Hosted Online

All material uploaded to the database will be in the public domain

Hong Kong Music Miniatures is an online project launched by The Gong Strikes One. Starting February 4th, the group has been uploading mini musical pieces to a database that will be continually updated until June 2021. The organizers plan to upload over a hundred newly written mini-music pieces.

The material is written based on musical styles and forms as well as dramatic needs and movements of traditional Chinese theatres. The intention of the project is to provide pieces so that they can be used as intros, interludes, set tunes, and set rhythms in actual performances. The founders of the project also encourage those who are interested to use the tracks in more unconventional and creative ways. All material is dedicated to the public domain so that it can be used freely, just as traditional repertoire is currently done.

To download and listen to the miniatures, visit the website.