Egyptian Producer ZULI Releases First Album Since Robbery, “All Caps”

This is the artist’s first release since all of his equipment was stolen on a train

After releasing his critically acclaimed debut double LP Terminal, the Egyptian musician planned to follow it up with a dancefloor-focused 12". Four months later, with the new follow-up record ready for mastering, ZULI's bag which included all of his gear, laptop, and music library was stolen from him on a train and the record was lost, along with a year's worth of work from his sound and instrument library.

He would spend the following year building his soundworld back up again. Thanks to a fundraising campaign, ZULI was able to purchase new instruments and equipment and begin again. The results are ZULI's 4th EP All Caps, with a 6th track in "Penicillin Duck" being the only survivor from the lost EP.

To listen, buy, and download the album, visit ZULI’s bandcamp page.