Newest Release by Chinabot Founder Explores “Life, Death and Rebirth”

The album will be released April 11th and is available for pre-order

Neo Geodesia. Album 2562 Neon Flames, 2021
Neo Geodesia via Bandcamp

2562 Neon Flames, the latest release from the Chinabot project's founder Saphy Vong and the first under their new alias Neo Geodesia (formerly Lafidki), is an exploration of “razor-sharp edge of life, death and rebirth.” The album is dedicated to the memory of the musician’s mother Chun Leng and released two years after her death, revisiting her sudden, tragic, and shocking loss during the celebration of Khmer New Year 2562.

The album presents a confluence in which contemporary meets folklore, orchestrating an artificial saga with a variety of illuminations and analysis. “A matrix of dazzling sequencers, warped vocal samples, synthetic instruments, Khmer Melismatic Smot, Kantoam Ming (Funeral Orchestra), Beksloy, Karaoke DVDs, Abstract electronic and personal archives are arranged into holograms of dreams.”

Saphy, who was due to return to Cambodia in April 2020 but had to cancel due to the coronavirus, says the album is “for all diaspora who struggle to return to a country, and for all parents like Chun Leng, who balance life between returning and helping relatives and making a new life for herself and her family. It is for everyone who has searched for a country, lost a parent, or found joy and new life in the bitter ashes of grief. Most of all, it is for Chun Leng.”

Saphy Vong is the founder of Chinabot, a platform for the Asian electronic community. It acts as a digital diaspora and works to prevent misrepresentations and facilitate direct exchange.