Museum in Cairo Opens to Visitors After 10-year Hiatus

The museum was closed after the theft of a Van Gogh painting

Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum.
Willyman / Wikimedia Commons

The collection of the Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum contains an impressive collection of works by famous European artists, including Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, and others. The 10-year closure of the museum was caused by the theft of a painting by Van Gogh.

Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil (1877–1953) was a politician and art collector. On trips to Paris, he and his wife bought sculptures and works of the Impressionists. In addition to French art, Khalil collected porcelain vases and antiques from Turkey, Iran, and China, as well as works by Egyptian artists. The house, which he gave to his wife, was transferred to the Egyptian government by will after her death and in 1962 it became a museum.

Works of art were stolen from the institution several times. In 2010, a painting by Van Gogh was cut out of its frame and stolen, after which the museum was closed for ten years. The work has not been found so far.

A virtual tour of the museum is available on the website of the Egyptian government.