Modular Synthesizer Princess Presents Her Debut Album

Arushi Jain has released the album “Under the Lilac Sky”

Arushi Jain and her album Under the Lilac Sky, 2021

Arushi Jain is an Indian-born composer, musician, singer, and engineer based in the United States. She reinterprets traditional Indian classical music using electronic instruments.

On her debut album, issued by Leaving Records label, Arushi created an ambient journey of six songs. Sounds and sensations open to the attentive listener at the moment before sunset, when "sun is bidding farewell to the sky, and the colors turn into beautiful hues of purple and pink." The record united the two worlds of Arusha—California and India—through Hindustan musical instruments and modular synthesizers. The audio texture of the recordings is supplemented by voice, one of the most important elements of the performer's creative style.

Through the album Under the Lilac Sky, Arushi explores time and its influence on human interaction with music. “Intrinsic to Indian classical music is the concept of Time and Seasonality. For each raga, there is a specific time of the day when it is meant to be heard for it to shine in it’s authenticity,” she explains. Jain's music is inspired by centuries of tradition, but aestheticized in a novel way, using the instruments and technical innovations of analog synthesizers.