New Architecture School “African Futures Institute” Opens in Ghana

Recently, the institution has launched its own website

Design by Fred Swart for FOLIO journal.
African Futures Institute

The African Futures Institute (AFI), based in Accra, is a new kind of educational space for students from Ghana, the African continent, and other countries, as well as a local and global platform for communication and exchange of knowledge in architecture and related disciplines. Recently, the school has launched its own website.

Africa is the youngest continent in the world (the average age is 20) and it is full of possibilities. One of AFI's main goals is to shift the axis of architectural innovation and influence from the global North to the global South and recreate the “history of the Black Atlantic,” as British sociologist Paul Gilroy has put it, a multi-faceted, creatively restless and deeply imaginative identity that holds enormous potential for built environment disciplines globally and locally. AFI is not accredited, but offers a range of short and long-term study programs for 2022, from introductory basic courses to a one-year master's degree exploring radical ideas in design, technology, history, theory, and interdisciplinary research.

The AFI space is both physical and digital: the online and offline public program for 2021/22 has been announced, and several issues of FOLIO magazine have been made publicly available.

Read more on the website.