What is EastEast?

EastEast is an online and print publication on culture, art, philosophy, and everyday life. It is produced in collaboration with authors and artists from West Asia, North Africa, Eastern Europe, the North and South Caucasus, Central Asia, and beyond. We use texts, photographs, audio, and video to tap into the unique and sometimes unnoticed sides of countries situated on the East-East axis.

How does (EE) release its content?

Every three months we present a new theme. First, it unfolds online. After two months, we present a print issue in a newspaper format with unique visuals and special projects inside. We also have static categories where we publish content unrelated to the issue theme.

Where does (EE) get its funding from?

(EE) is supported by Caravane Earth, a foundation that promotes social, cultural, and ecological transformation. Its past and current projects include The Majlis at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021, the Atlas Weavers initiative in Morocco, the Heenat Salma farm in Qatar, and the upcoming International Convention on Traditional Architecture and Urbanism.

What languages does (EE) use and why?

Our content is published in English and Russian, ensuring accessibility to readers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Moreover, we are happy to announce that an Arabic version of our platform is set to launch in the upcoming spring of 2024. We are considering launching a Mandarin Chinese version in the years to come.

Where is (EE) based?

While officially registered in Doha, Qatar, (EE) brings together a truly international team of writers, artists, and media professionals under the guidance of Editor-in-Chief Furqat Palvan-Zade, a Tashkent-born and US-based researcher, publisher, and filmmaker. Our team members include Americans, Egyptians, Lebanese, Russians, and Ukrainians — based in Armenia, France, Georgia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US.

I’m a writer, artist, filmmaker—How can I contribute to (EE)?

If your work is related to EastEast’s core geography, please send us your proposal to hi@easteast.world. We will do our best to get back to you with our feedback. We occasionally announce thematic open calls: subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned.

I represent an institution or business, and I’m interested in advertising to the (EE) audience. What shall I do?

Please feel free to reach out to hi@easteast.world. We will be happy to offer you a media kit and professional advice from our team of media experts and designers.

What else does (EE) do?

Our services include:

— Video production and Documentation;
— PR and Communications;
— Advertising;
— Cultural Programming and Curation;
— Publishing.

We’ll be happy to tell you more in person! Please send all your queries to hi@easteast.world.