Online and print publication on culture, art, philosophy, and everyday life. Our aim is to readjust global cultural production and offer a multiplicity of vantage points and perspectives from West Asia, North Africa, Eastern Europe, the North and South Caucasus, Central Asia, East and Southeast Asia, and beyond. Our ambition is to become one of the most important publications in our core regions by conducting in-depth research and sharing findings with our audience in ways both enticing and accessible.

EastEast is first and foremost a media platform. We use texts, photographs, audio, and video to tap into the unique and sometimes unnoticed sides of countries situated on the East-East axis. Our content is released via weekly features, daily announcements, and quarterly thematic issues. Each issue is also published in print, in the format of a newspaper with unique visuals and special projects inside. The material is published in English and Russian with an Arabic version of the platform set to launch in 2024.

You may reach us at hi@easteast.world


“Announcements” provides a curated selection of internships, open-calls, job offerings, and cultutal events from all over the world.

“ABC” covers the most important ideas and concepts that help one understand contemporary discussions in the fields of history, anthropology, arts, and other disciplines.

“Music” presents local traditions and new trends, moving beyond one-dimensional discussions of genre and aesthetics.

”Heritage” tells stories of notable objects, collections, and constructions that reflect the multiplicity of the East’s pasts and futures.

“Library” provides a curated selection of noteworthy materials that shed light on the complicated questions of colonialism, race, migration, oppression, and resistance.

“Places” highlights places of interest in various regions and offers perspectives on different cultures in both visual and text formats.

“Film” hosts the screenings of cinema from the Global East, as well as editorial visual essays and explainers on the variety of subjects, video curiosities and archival film treasures, accompanied by thoughts and interviews on moving images.

“Food” offers insight into global traditions and communities through the lens of food, featuring traditional and reinvented recipes, excerpts from culinary anthropology, and profiles of noteworthy figures.

“Opinions” is a platform for personal accounts and insightful commentary on various social and cultural phenomena of the past and present.


Fahad Al-Attiya

Furqat Palvan-Zade

Kirill Rozhentsov
Managing Editor

Ben Wheeler
Senior Editor (English), (EE) Radio Curator

Lesia Goleva
Head of Outreach and Partnerships,
Contributing Editor

Konstantin Koryagin
Senior Editor (Russian)

Anna Mikheeva
Announcements Editor

Masha Kirdan
Growth Editor

Timur Akhmetov
Art Director

Mohamed Gaber
Graphic Designer

Sasha Kulikov
Graphic Designer

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Frontend Developer

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Backend Developer