A cultural publication in Russian and English, which creates a dialogue within multiple Easts: geographical, mental, historical, and cultural, and analyses current state of society with the participation of art scene members, philosophers and enthusiasts.
We create an alternative navigation and different orientation in today’s complex world. Out of orientalist projection we set the coordinates for the scenarios of possible future and open up new cartography of solidarity across borders.


This new issue of EastEast Paper is devoted to borders: real and imaginary, geographical and cultural, contemporary and historical. The theme of ‘(no) borders’ encourages us to re-examine the idea of the frontier in an age of uncertainty, rising tensions, social distancing and state isolationism. The ‘(no) borders’ project was initiated by the Cultural Creative Agency in December 2020 for Qatar National Day and was accompanied by an extensive programme of online events in support of cultural communication during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a space for dialogue, joint action and collective reflection on the past and the future.

In the footsteps of great explorers such as Ibn Fadlan, Ibn Battuta, Afanasy Nikitin and many others, we invite the reader to take a journey, disrupting familiar chronology, spanning the faultlines of tectonic plates and the ghettoisation of different cultures. In this way, we seek to show that historically frontiers did not divide nations and peoples in the way they do now, and our concepts of migration and mobility are quite relative. As the philosopher Achille Mbembe insists, it was within the Western discourse that the idea of the impenetrable border crystallised. Therefore, if we want to decolonialise our thinking and broaden our vision of the future, we need to turn to alternative archives and narratives.

We want to join our writers in addressing the prickly cartographic history of the Qatar Peninsula, staging posts like medieval fortresses or airports for the new millennium, the tangled provenance of works of art on their ‘path to eternity’, and the intercontinental rovings of spices, pearls and musical instruments. We also spoke with Qatari and international cultural figures about local and global communities, the importance of mutual support and horizontal ties.

The ‘(no) borders’ edition of EastEast Paper has been prepared by an editorial board, which includes the head of the Cultural Creative Agency Anastasia Shavlokhova, the agency’s curators Vera Trakhtenberg and Andreу Shental, editor-in-chief of the EastEast online edition Furqat Palvan-Zade, and publisher Danila Stratovich.


Fahad bin Mohammed Al Attiyah

Anastasia Shavlokhova, Vera Trakhtenberg, Andrey Shental,
Furqat Palvan-Zade, Danila Stratovich
Editorial board

Andrei Shelyutto
Art Director

Irina Chekmareva, Anna Yurionas-Yurgans
Design and layout

Svetlana Kunitsyna, Anne Salisbury

Jaklin Zidan
Scientific Editor

Vera Biryukova
Photo Editor

Sergey Katchev, Alfred Salisbury, Anna Selezneva, Marina Shaposhnikova

Alastair Gill, Alexandra Berlina
Translations from Russian to English

Elena Rubinova
Translations from English to Russian

Arina Oblakova
Executive secretary

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