The Tbilisi Architecture Biennial is Still Accepting Proposals

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial

The Tbilisi Architecture Biennial is accepting proposals for its International Open Call from June 22 through July 31, 2020. The winning proposals will be conducted in October and November 2020, with simultaneous digital and physical components, in selected locations in Tbilisi and across the globe. The theme, What Do We Have In Common, draws on the notion of “commons” and the way that it “unites open resources of any kind: natural, cultural, spatial, material and immaterial—of which ownership and access is shared.” 

This is the second annual Tbilisi Architecture Biennial and, due to the new challenges proposed by Covid19, has an altered format, in which the main platform of the event will be the website itself, as a means of encouraging a wider reach and global format. The call is open to all architects, artists, writers, scholars, urbanists, and creative individuals regardless of their location, age, and is free of charge. Submissions can be made in four categories: physical projects, digital projects, educational activities/workshops, and contributions to publication. 

More information is available at biennial.ge.