Iraq's First Independent Film Festival Will Screen Online

Stills from Sabeya (2017, Dhyaa Joda) and She Was Not Alone (2020, Hussein Al-Asadi)

From August 21st to 28th, Iraq will host its first independent film festival: movies by local directors will be available on the official website for a week. Screenings will begin every day at 20:30 Moscow time.

The festival program of thirteen films was compiled based on the results of an  open call. It features full-length and short-length movies by such well-known Iraqi directors as Samir, Kasim Abid, Mohamed al-Daradji, as well as emerging authors.

The Iraqi Independent Film Festival (IIFF) is a community platform founded by video editor Shahnaz Dulaimy, poet Israa Al-Kamali, editorial staff member of Shakomako magazine Ahmed Habib, and Irish-Iraqi writer Roisin Tapponi. According to the organizers, the main goal of the project is to acquaint a global audience with the cultural heritage of Iraq while supporting the local film community.

Read more at iiffestival.com.