Iraq's First Independent Film Festival Will Screen Online

Thirteen films, selected through an open call, will be shown from August 21st to 28th

Stills from Sabeya (2017, Dhyaa Joda) and She Was Not Alone (2020, Hussein Al-Asadi)

From August 21st to 28th, Iraq will host its first independent film festival: movies by local directors will be available on the official website for a week. Screenings will begin every day at 20:30 Moscow time.

The festival program of thirteen films was compiled based on the results of an  open call. It features full-length and short-length movies by such well-known Iraqi directors as Samir, Kasim Abid, Mohamed al-Daradji, as well as emerging authors.

The Iraqi Independent Film Festival (IIFF) is a community platform founded by video editor Shahnaz Dulaimy, poet Israa Al-Kamali, editorial staff member of Shakomako magazine Ahmed Habib, and Irish-Iraqi writer Roisin Tapponi. According to the organizers, the main goal of the project is to acquaint a global audience with the cultural heritage of Iraq while supporting the local film community.

Read more at iiffestival.com.