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Perfumes of the East: Exhibition at The National Museum in Riyadh

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From May 21st through September 14th

The immersive Perfumes of the East exhibition at The National Museum in Riyadh, held under the patronage of Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, explores the deep-rooted connection between the Arab world and perfume.

Visitors are invited to embark on a sensory adventure, encountering the distinctive scents of the East and discovering the age-old traditions that imbued perfume with social significance in Arab culture. Featuring over 200 archaeological items as well as contemporary artworks, the exhibition is structured around three sections, offering visitors the opportunity to explore different timeless themes. The exhibition progresses through diverse settings: from the raw beauty of nature to bustling town streets, and into the intimate setting of a private home.

Sublime and Generous Nature is a section of the exhibition that delves into the history of perfume. It emphasizes the use of raw materials and notable Arabian ingredients such as frankincense, amber, and myrrh. The Scents of the City takes visitors through neighborhoods, showing perfume's role in social interactions. Fragrant Courtesy highlights perfume customs in the Arab world and Islamic civilization, including practices to welcome guests.

The Perfumes of the East exhibition aligns with the National Museum's commitment to celebrating Saudi Arabia's rich cultural heritage and the enduring legacy of Arab and Islamic civilization. You can find more information about the exhibition and buy tickets on the website of The National Museum of Saudi Arabia.

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