AZEEMA Pushes for Better Representation For MENA Women in Sci-Fi

The fourth issue of the print publication will be coming out this year

AZEEMA Collective for Dazed and Calvin Klein SELF PUBLISHED project

AZEEMA is a London-based print publication, digital platform, and now a creative agency telling the stories of women within the Western Asia, North Africa, South Asia, and the diaspora. For their latest project, Founders Jameela Elfaki, Sunayah Arshad, Nooriyah Qais, Evar Hussayni, Ella Lucia, and Shayma Bakht noticed that while Hollywood often used Middle Eastern locations to shoot high-budget science-fiction films, there was a lack of representation when it came to their community being included in popular culture’s imaginations of the future.

As a response, they created IV MOONS, a zine that they describe as “an imagined utopia built on peace, fearlessness, and strength.” IV MOONS was created as part of the Dazed and Calvin Klein SELF PUBLISHED project. According to founder Jameela Elfak, they took inspiration from the old Star Wars franchise and how they used areas in the Western Asia, as well as video games. The collective was recently interviewed by Dazed regarding AZEEMA and the IV MOONS project.

To read the interview and learn more about the project, visit the website