Davis Center Graduate Student Conference Dedicated to Central Asia

Harvard University, USA. Deadline: January 31st

Photo: Isabelle DeSisto. Song-Kol Lake, Kyrgyzstan, 2020

This open call for graduate students specializing in Central Asian studies invites them to submit proposals and present research and ongoing work on Central Asia at the Graduate Student Conference dedicated to Central Asia.

The eligibility criteria include being a graduate student at any stage of their academic journey. Accepted participants will have the opportunity to engage with peers and experts in the field, gain valuable feedback, and contribute to the academic discourse on the region.

The conference will explore a range of compelling themes:

In and Out of Central Asia: Rise of Connectivity: Delving into the region’s evolving role as a critical bridge between various global quarters, especially in the post-Russia-Ukraine war context.

State and Society: A New Social Contract?: Examining the political dynamics, societal expectations, and emergent social contracts in Central Asia’s evolving authoritarian regimes.

Inspired and Inspiring: Hybrid Identities in Central Asia: Investigating the region’s rich multiethnic diversity, cultural dynamics, and the legacy of Soviet policies.

The conference is scheduled for April 26th–28th. Interested graduate students are invited to submit their proposals by January 31st. Submissions should include a working title, a brief description of the paper’s central argument, and biographical information (full name, institutional affiliation, graduate program, and current year in the program). For more information, visit the Davis Center's website.