Library of Alexandria Holds Conference On Arabic Manuscripts in Africa

Registration for the online event is open until September 5th

Qadi Ayyad. Al-Shifa bi Ta'rif Huquq al-Mustafa.
Manuscripts Center, Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The “Arabic-Script Manuscripts in Africa” online conference will be hosted by the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and the Islamic Manuscripts Association from September 12th until the 16th. Registration for the event is open until September 5th.

The program consists of five panels focusing on contemporary research on the culture of Arabic manuscripts in the countries of North and South Africa, as well as the preservation and management of collections across the continent:

- Historical Traditions of Arabic-Script Manuscripts in Africa

- Manuscript Libraries and Manuscript Heritage Centers in Africa

- African Arabic-Script Languages

- Cataloging, Editing, Research, and Publishing

- Preservation, Conservation, and Digitization

Additionally, the conference will host six workshops connected with the mentioned topics (separate registration is open for these events). The working languages ​​of the event are Arabic, English, and French; simultaneous translation will be available. At the end of the conference, the organizers will publish papers in a research volume. Participants will receive a link to the conference by e-mail two days before the event. For more information, please contact admin@asmiaconference.org.

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