Fields Festival Will Be Held at Venues in St. Petersburg and Moscow

The organizers have announced the first and second wave of musicians

Fields Festival.
Dasha Pocherk

Polyphony, fearless experimentation, new pop culture, sudden collaborations, and fresh premieres will be presented at the Fields festival. The St. Petersburg version of the event will take place on July 3th and 4th at the Sevkabel Port overlooking the Gulf of Finland, and the Moscow version will be from August 4th to 8th. The main program in Moscow will last three days and two nights at the club Mutabor, and special city showcases will be distributed among the spaces of the New Tretyakov Gallery, Garage Screen, Swan Lake, and Atma 360.

In St. Petersburg, cult American composer Rhys Chatham, who has gained special fame for his "symphonies" with dozens of guitarists, will arrange a session of collective hypnosis with a local ensemble. Shackleton, an apologist for British dub electronics, will come to Russia with a new album, Departing Like Rivers. Other electronic heroes include the melancholic diva Ishome, the otherworldly duo Summer of Haze x Chernoburkv, Kamchatka ambient artist NWIII, techno-avant-garde artists "PTU," and master of plot sound art COH. The Petrozavodsk group ILMU, performing trip-hop in the Karelian language, and the Ural singer Katya Yonder, creating delicate pop outside the genre, will expand the internal geography.

The Moscow edition of the festival will consist of two blocks: the massive main program at Mutabor, which will last three days and two nights; and special city showcases at different venues. The lineup, among others, will consist of British sound artist Mariam Rezai, researcher of nonlinear techno-forms Stanislav Tolkachev, the Ural group "4 Positions of Bruno," and many others. For the first time in Russia, a veteran of the Swedish avant-garde and owner of the iDEAL label Joachim Nordwall will perform.

The Fields Festival brings together electronics, jazz, folklore, new composer music, pop, exciting performance concerts, and other musical genres.

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