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“Corner, Five Perspectives on Images from Iran” Exhibition

Espace Matisse in Creil, France. Through December 22nd

The exhibition showcases works by Mazdak Ayari, Ghazaleh Hedayat, Pouya Parsamagham, Nooshin Shafiee, and Mohsen Shahmardi. Curated by Behzad Nejadghanbar and Emmanuelle Halkin, it is a featured event within the renowned “20th Photaumnales Festival” organized annually by Diaphane and hosted in various cities across northern France.

This exhibition aims to present five different perspectives on contemporary approaches to image in Iranian art. The selected artists have not been brought together based on a common theme. Instead, the intention is to highlight significant trends in the Iranian art scene. The works of these diligent artists span documentary and fine art photography, video installation, and conceptual art. Through this collection, the exhibition aims to showcase the specific characteristics of Iranian contemporary art, influenced by the diversity of social and political life in Iran.

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