Nomadic European Biennale Manifesta 13 Taking Place in Marseille

The exhibition will run until November 29th

Manifesta 13

Manifesta 13 is a nomadic European Biennale of Contemporary Art, which runs until November 29th in Marseille, France. The exhibition program consists of three blocks, designed by curators, artists, and architects who have studied the cultural heritage of the city and its local landscape over the past two years. 

All programs of the Biennale are dedicated to finding new ways of cooperation and co-creation with invited and local urban professionals—artists, researchers, cultural producers, as well as with associations and institutions. The main Traits d'union.s program, curated by Alya Sebti, Katerina Chuchalina, and Stefan Kalmár, will take place in six major museums in Marseille. Le Tiers' special program will include research projects designed to illustrate little-known examples of urban self-organization and lesser represented local narratives. The Les Parallèles du Sud parallel program will include selected open call projects aimed at strengthening the relationship between the local and international art communities.

Read more on the manifesta13.org website.