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Qatar Film Days Presents Cinema from West Asia and North Africa

Movies will be available to watch online starting December 18th

Stills from It Must Be Heaven (Elia Suleiman, 2020)

The new cultural initiative Qatar Film Days presents contemporary cinema in Western Asia and North Africa to a broad audience. The platform shows feature films and documentaries of the region and introduces their creators and the context in which cinema is developing in Qatar’s neighboring countries. Five films will appear online within a few months.

Online screenings and discussions begin on December 18th, Qatar's National Day, as part of the (no) borders project, a series of cultural and educational events that propose rethinking boundaries both real and imaginary, geographic and mental.

The first film on the program will be the winner of last year's Cannes Film Festival, It Must Be Heaven by the Palestinian director Elia Suleiman. The plot focuses on the director's adventures in search of funding for the film and his reflections on fleeting meetings and random situations that everywhere, even on the other end of the earth, remind him of his homeland. From January 7th, a film by Naziha Arebi Freedom Fields will be available to watch. The film is about post-revolutionary Libya, in which three friends from the national football team, despite the bans of the authorities, want to continue playing. Announcements of the next films will appear on the website.

Qatar Film Days is a joint project between the Cultural Creative Agency and the Doha Film Institute, organized in collaboration with the Beat Film Festival.

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