Berggruen Institute: Annual Essay Competition

Deadline: June 30th

The Berggruen Institute has announced the annual Berggruen Prize Essay Competition. It invites novel, clear, and compelling essays that promote new thinking and innovative concepts while embracing cross-cultural perspectives across various fields, disciplines, and geographies.

The Institute invites exploration into the concept of the planetary. This includes understanding our shared fate with all beings and our capacity to shape it, reevaluating our relationships, and seeking new frameworks to understand life on Earth. Topics might include philosophical conceptions of self, governance models for thriving, the definition of "life," the concept of planetary citizenship, theories of technology, and more.

Submissions will be accepted in two languages: Chinese and English. Each language category will have a prize of $25,000 USD. The Institute aims to recognize one winner in each category, although there may be multiple winners in any given year.

Entrants must have a formally accredited undergraduate degree or equivalent and at least one publication in a reputable literary, journalistic, or academic outlet. Submissions may not exceed 10,000 words in English or 15,000 characters in Chinese. The use of any artificial intelligence tools, including but not limited to ChatGPT, Ernie, or similar AI systems, is strictly prohibited. 

The winning essays will be published in the Institute's award-winning English-language magazine Noema and the Chinese-language magazine Cuiling, offering readers insights into perspectives from both East and West.

The mission of the Berggruen Institute is to foster intellectual exploration and discovery to shape political, economic, and social institutions for the betterment of humanity. This competition serves as a complement to the Berggruen Prize for Philosophy & Culture, which recognizes significant lifetime achievements in advancing ideas.

For more information and to submit your essay, please visit the Berggruen Institute’s website.