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Spring Exhibitions Opening at 421

Abu Dhabi, UAE. May 16th, 17:00

This week at 421 Arts Campus, two exhibitions start simultaneously: one is the first solo exhibition by Mona Ayyash, called The Clock Doesn’t Care, and the other, called On a Timeline: 2024 MFA Graduate Show, presents the work of graduate students completing the two-year Master of Fine Arts in Art and Media at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). The opening reception will start at 17:00, featuring a conversation with Mona Ayyash and Jolaine Frizzell (ADP Mentor and Director of Ivy Advisory). Follow the link to the 421's website to register for the opening.

Mona Ayyash: The Clock Doesn’t Care

The Clock Doesn’t Care is a collaborative video piece by Mona Ayyash. It features a group of actors, dancers, and performance artists focusing on small body movements. The piece explores non-functional, repetitive body movements, delving into the concepts of non-productivity and the mundane and questioning the tension between passing and wasting time.

The exhibition design provides an immersive experience, encouraging visitors to explore boredom through repetition and slowness. The project began with Ayyash's involvement in the Homebound Residency Program in 2020 and is currently part of the 421 Artistic Development Program 2024 cycle. It will be accessible to visitors from May 16th to August 25th.

On a Timeline

On a Timeline: 2024 MFA Graduate Show presents the work of graduate students completing the two-year Master of Fine Arts in Art and Media at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD).

The artists, Sara Alahbabi, Ciel Arbour-Boehme, Zara Mahmood, Fatima Al Romaithi, and Farah Soltani, work with a variety of mediums—such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation—to find a better understanding of complex concepts and current social challenges. Sara Alahbabi's project engages with a mindful exploration of Abu Dhabi's neighborhoods, challenging cityscape stereotypes and reflecting on her experiences as an Emirati woman. Ciel Arbour-Boehme's work disrupts habitual responses, inviting visitors to respond intuitively to a disorienting and interactive space. Zara Mahmood investigates the dichotomy between the perceived haziness of Dubai's sky and the reality of its pollution through intimate sky studies. Fatima Al Romaithi revisits the cultural history of the UAE with a playful study of 90s treats and candies, exploring nostalgia and childhood mischief. Lastly, Farah Soltani presents a series of sculptural forms inspired by the everyday and ordinary, each embodying a unique identity that interacts with the surrounding space.

This exhibition is a result of the collaboration between 421 Arts Campus and NYUAD. The goal of this three-year collaboration is to support contemporary art practices in the region and will be available for visitors from May 16th to August 25th.

421 is located in Zayed Port—Al Mina next to the Abu Dhabi Vegetable Market and Mina Center.

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