Photo Book of Palestine Forgotten Histories Available Online

This is the third volume of Brill's publication on the history of the state and Jerusalem

Left: Raphaël Savignac. Catholic family of Mādabā, early 1920s
Right: Frank Scholten. Ribboned Girl with Easter Egg, Jaffa 1921–23
Image courtesy of EBAF, NINO & UBL

Imaging and Imagining Palestine (Photography, Modernity and the Biblical Lens, 1918-1948) is a comprehensive study of photography in Palestine during the British Mandate and is a third volume of the Open Jerusalem series by Brill. The book is available in digital format for free.

The aim of the Open Jerusalem project is to recreate the tangled history of Palestine and Jerusalem by combining and making available various sources and materials. The third edition brings together archival material from the collections of local institutions, documents from reports from missionary schools, orphanages and monasteries, photographs from family albums, and cityscapes images—all of which reflect forgotten narratives of the British Mandate period. The photographs have preserved history and conserved the Palestinian material heritage during numerous wars and conflicts. In addition, the authors talk about the decolonization of photography and develop the thesis that it is possible to understand the causes of social and political crises in the country through presented images.

In addition, the first issue of the Ordinary Jerusalem, 1840-1940 (Opening New Archives, Revisiting a Global City) and several chapters of the second A Liminal Church (Refugees, Conversions and the Latin Diocese of Jerusalem, 1946-1956) are available on the publisher's website.

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