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Sound, Sacrifice, and Explorations of Devotion in Anatolia

An (EE) Radio mix by sound artist Ege Şahin

For this exclusive mix for (EE) Radio, Ege Şahin was interested in the commonalities between non-Western traditional music and experimental sonic explorations from around the world through which folk, religious music, noise, avant-garde jazz, and various field recording practices emerge as a collage of devotion and sacrifice.

On the thread of music as a spiritual practice, folk singer Ahmet Aslan, sounds from Sufi rituals, John Coltrane, field-recordings of Hanna Hartman, the davul-zurna of Binali Selman, Dreamcrusher, Sunn O))), the avant-garde explorations of Erkan Oğur, and others come together to build a sonic narrative around Anatolia.

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Ege Şahin
works in composition, sound art, and improvisation and researches social issues through the lens of sound studies. Born in Turkey and a migrant in the Netherlands, he collaborates with various forms of experimental multi-media practices nearing the spheres of electroacoustic music.