The New (EE) Radio

A mix showcasing the updated forms and features of our 24/7 broadcast

This mix is an introduction to the upcoming directions and formulations of (EE) Radio—through tracks from our new, improved, and ever-growing database, the selection showcases both the musical variety and the sonic and thematic similarities that tie together the materials broadcast on our 24/7 stream.

While our (EE) Radio stream line-up features unique, hourly play-lists with titles like Global Genres, Archival Selections, Intercontinental Jazz, Electro-folk, Acoustic-Electric Experiments, Intersectional Contemporary ‘Classical’,  and many others, listeners will still find strong conceptual threads throughout.

Regardless of the show or hour, you’ll hear music based in, originating from, or influenced by global music traditions. Each track exhibits a distinct sense of place, new modes of experimentation, and/or acoustic elements translated electronically (or vice-versa). We broadcast traditions thriving, sonic elements reimagined, and respect being paid to music communities across the globe.

The 24/7 stream is just one of the first new developments for EE Radio - stay tuned for podcasts, live performances, collaborations, events, and much more. 

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