The Future of Musical Heritage

DIY ethnographers discuss prospects of field and archival recordings

The Mawaheb festival, a celebration of the music and musicians of West Asia, took place in early June 2021. The main event of the festival's closing day was the EastEast Picnic, which featured a concert series packed with performances by both traditional and experimental musicians from across the region, an education lecture series, and film screenings. The editorial staff of the EastEast music section curated this special educational program, inviting our friends and contributors from the DIY ethnography scene to take part in a lively discussion concerning the preservation of, approaches to, and perspectives on music across the globe. This talk, moderated by the radio host and DJ Inzhener Zemli, sheds light on these evolving practices. The panel features Olivier Duport and Alan Marzo of the FLEE project, Ian Nagoski from Canary Records, and Bulat Khalilov from Ored Recordings.

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Olivier Duport
Сo-founder of FLEE and the residency program Extra Muros, he is a French-Austrian photographer and curator with a focus on urbanism and social questions surrounding music.
Bulat Khalilov
Ethnographer, journalist, co-founder of the Ored Recordings label, specializing in field recordings of authentic traditional music from the Caucasus, Russia, and the world. Lives and works in Nalchik.
Ian Nagoski
Music researcher and record producer specializing in early 20th century musics in languages other than English. Founder of the Canary Records label. Lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland.
Inzhener Zemli
Broadcaster, DJ and selector Pavel Amirov, who’s focused on local music scenes frp, different parts of the world and varied periods of its history. Based in Moscow.
Alan Marzo
Сo-founder of FLEE as well as the annual itinerant music residency program Extra Muros, Alan is an art and film director interested in intercultural questions and transmedia practices.