Neo-Ambient, Futuristic Kuduro, and Egyptian Drum’n’Bass—Mix by MSYLMA

A trip through lacunas of contemporary electronics

Track list is available on the (EE)Radio Soundcloud

The exclusive mix for EastEast Radio was recorded by singer-songwriter and electronic producer MSYLMA from Saudi Arabia. In his own music, this artist combines experimental electronics, emotional R&B, and airy grime sound with pre-Islamic and Quranic poetry in classic Arabic performed by himself. That working process, combined with his indication that Mecca is his hometown and the fact that he conceals his face, instead using a single eerie picture, has earned him a reputation as of one of the most enigmatic and original artists in the region.

In this mix, MSYLMA takes us on a trip to some of the most subtle and mysterious corners of contemporary electronic sound. There’s a place for alumnus of the key neo-ambient label Motion Ward, Berliners Exael + Arad Acid and Russians AIR Krew, at once several works from Angolan producer Nazar, who released an album of futuristic Kuduro Kuduro Upbeat and energetic type of music from Angola that combines local carnival music styles with techno and other Western influences.on legendary Hyperdub imprint last year, and also for overdriven drum’n’bass from the recent EP by ZULI—a leader in the Egyptian electronic scene.

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Singer-songwriter and producer from Saudi Arabia, who combines experimental electronics with pre-Islamic and Quranic poetry sung in classical Arabic.