Artist Leila Awadallah Collects Stories and Myths From the Mediterranean

Anyone interested can participate in the project

Photo by Isabel Fajardo

“TERRANEA: Hakawati of the Sea” is an interdisciplinary performance project developed by choreographer and artist Leila Awadallah for the Arab American National Museum. Dance plays an important role in the project, which aims to link together the stories, myths and cultural phenomena of the Mediterranean region. Applications are accepted until October 31st.

Leila collects audio recordings of stories from friends, family, and others about the mythology of the Mediterranean Sea and related memories. The place of hakawati—the traditional storyteller in the Arab tradition, which gives the project its name is thus taken by a community that speaks about collective experiences, beliefs, and spiritual ideas.

In order to participate, you need to send an audio recording of one to ten minutes in length about a myth or story related to the Mediterranean region, a migration experience, or any other related memory. Applicable entries, recorded in Arabic or English, will be included in the dance performance soundtrack.

More information at arabamericanmuseum.org.