A Glimpse into 2021 Releases—Mix by Sublime Frequencies

Hisham Mayet presents an exclusive mix of the legendary label's upcoming material

Hisham Mayet is a record collector, film maker, and the co-founder of Sublime Frequencies, a Seattle based label with over a hundred releases from Southeast Asia, West Asia, North Africa, and West Africa. They have released music, documentaries, and fine art books that expose listeners to new sights and sounds from all over the globe. For this exclusive mix for EastEast Radio, Hisham gives a glimpse into the label's planned release schedule for 2021, as well as previews some recordings that are being considered for possible release. 

The mix begins with music from the Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi, which is planned to be released as part of an anthology, followed by a diverse sampling of exciting material: a track from the newest album of Iraqi oudist Natik Awayez, Mayet's own recordings featuring the Gyil, a xylophone instrument played by the Dagara people of Ghana, samples from the earliest known series of Japanese 78s compiled by Robert Millis, and canon singing from the Yao hill tribe who resides in regions of China, Vietnam, and Laos. The program also features famous Raï musician Ahmed Zargui and other gems from Mayet's own collection.  

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Hisham Mayet
A record collector, filmmaker, and co-founder of the Seattle-based label Sublime Frequencies.