Conference on Utopia, Migration, and Borders Goes Online

Meetings will begin on April 19th and will last until April 23rd

1st and 2nd building, Norham Road.
Maison Française d'Oxford Archives

The international conference Utopia and Migration: Renewing the Imagination of Borders in the 21st century is dedicated to the role of imagination in the context of understanding borders and international migration. The meetings will be held from April 19th to 23rd in English and French with the participation of special guests: the philosopher and public figure Achille Mbembe and the Haitian poet Louis-Philippe Dalembert.

The full schedule of seminars is available on the website. Events with invited participants are listed below (Moscow time):

–meeting with the writer Louis-Philippe Dalembert (April 22nd at 1:30 PM);

–screening of the film The Valley with the participation of director Nuno Escudeiro (April 22nd at 5:30 PM);

–open lecture by Achille Mbembe (23rd April at 5:30 PM).

Registration is required in order to participate.

Participants of the meetings will reflect on how contemporary literature, using utopia, is responding to current border problems. What are the ways to overcome media and government strategies, which make migrants invisible, stigmatize them and thereby strengthen borders? Studying these issues will help to rethink utopia as a literary genre and offer a new perspective on migration issues.

Read more on the website.