Floating EKA Foundation's Artistic Laboratory: I Inherit What You Lost

Szczecin, Poland. Deadline: November 25th

The open call is for a project called “Floating EKA Foundation: I Inherit What You Lost.” The project aims to explore the heritage of challenging times in the 20th century in Eastern Europe, Eastern Partnership countries, and Central Asia. Talented artists from these regions will uncover the hidden gems of “dissonant heritage” in their cities. Dissonant heritage includes tangible and intangible remnants linked to wars, colonization, persecution, and propaganda. The goal is to find artistic solutions that bring out the untapped potential of these artifacts.

The project includes an Artistic Laboratory in Szczecin, Poland, lasting for three days at the end of March 2024. Activists, researchers, opinion leaders, and 10–12 artists from Eastern Partnership countries and Central Asia will be selected through an open call to participate in the laboratory. Prior to the Artistic Laboratory, a Virtual Lab will be held, featuring webinars on research methodologies, fact-checking, and inspiring case studies. Selected artists will collaborate with experts and curators to generate concepts and sketches for their future artworks. The project will culminate in an exhibition where participating artists will finalize and present their ideas during the Artistic Laboratory.

This project is not only about art, but also collaboration, creativity, and celebrating shared heritage. The deadline has been extended to November 25th.

For more details and inquiries, visit the foundation's website