TelepART Mobility Support Platform

Open application with no deadline

Going Fishing performance by Miradonna Sirkka, Taiteiden kesä Kulta ry, Finnish Cultural Foundation 2021. Photo by Iidaliina Linnea.

TelepART Mobility Support facilitates opportunities for performing artists, scientists, and researchers to travel and showcase their work internationally. It is a micro-funding program designed for emerging and semi-established professional artists and young academics. The objective of the open call is to promote cultural and academic exchanges between Finland and other countries and regions.

The application for TelepART Mobility Support will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

— Artistic/academic merit
— The significance of the funding for the recipient's professional and artistic activities
— The amount of funding requested and the budget balance
— The impact of the project on the quality and quantity of cultural/academic exchange between Finland and the specified country
— Residency in one of the eligible countries (including Argentina, Chile, Czechia, Estonia, Japan, and others)

Selected participants will receive funding of up to €1,000 to cover travel and accommodation expenses. The decision on the grant will be communicated within two weeks of applying. For the full list of eligible countries and more information about the grant, please visit the platform's website.