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Revolving Rooms Exhibition at Wusum Gallery

Doha, Qatar. From January 17th to February 28th

Photo: courtesy of Wusum Gallery

Wusum Gallery, a newly launched contemporary art gallery in Doha, Qatar, aims to nurture regional artists and provide a platform for artistic expression. Founded by Wadha Al-Aqeedi and Tariq Al Jaidah, the gallery's inaugural exhibition, "دار ا َا ّر" (Revolving Rooms), showcases the work of twenty-nine contemporary artists from Doha, celebrating their diverse contributions to the art scene in Qatar and beyond.

The exhibition explores the concept of rooms as unique spaces for artists to create their work. These rooms symbolize the physical and psychological environments that foster personal freedom, creativity, and self-discovery within artistic practices. The title reflects the movement and evolution experienced by artists as they navigate realms of inspiration, imagination, and introspection.

The exhibition emphasizes the transitive nature of creation and celebrates the fluidity, diversity, and continuous transformation inherent in contemporary art. It offers a captivating glimpse into the burgeoning art scene of Qatar and the broader region. The exhibition is going to be open from January 17th to February 28th, 2024.

Artists participating in the exhibition: Abdulaziz Yousef, Abeer A., Aisha Al-Abdulla, Dr. AlKhuzama AlHarami, Alya Al-Khalifa, Ameni Abida, Amna AlBaker, Anfal Al Kandari, Aya Battiri, Farah Al Sidiky, Fatima Mohammed, Fatma Al-Remaihi, Ghada Al-Mawlawi, Hala Aljaafari, Hamad AlFayhani, Hana Al-Saadi, Hassan Manasrah, Hayyan Monawar, Hissa AlKuwari, Lulu M, Mohammed AlEmadi, Mubrak Al-Thani, Noof Al-Naama, Noor Al Thani, Noora Al Hardan, Tami, Tiflah Al-Naimi, Yousef Bahzad, and Zainab AlShibani.

St. Regis Doha Hotel
Al Gassar Resort
Doha, Qatar

Opening hours:
from Monday to Saturday
3:00–9:00 pm 

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