HSE Announces Social Anthropology Program

More details about the course will be discussed at a webinar on March 2nd

Populace of Lukunor Lagoon capturing small fish, "tiil", 1948.
Burt Tolerton / Wikimedia Commons

The first enrollment for the social anthropology program for graduate students at the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg will begin in March 2021. Details about the direction and the postgraduate program in history will be discussed at a webinar on March 2nd at 8 pm, Moscow time. Registration for participation is required.

Social anthropology is the science of the socio-cultural diversity of the world and human, the main method of which is the field study of the studied community, sociocultural phenomenon, or context from the inside with the help of long-term, included observation. A career as an anthropologist usually begins with a lengthy–postgraduate field project. The organizers note that the advantages of this program lie in its close intersection with research into global and transnational history. The course was developed in conjunction with the PhD in history and anthropology at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

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