Announcements, Georgia

Official Opening of Ubani — Tbilisi Cityscape Research Centre

Tbilisi, Georgia. March 13th, 19:00

Photo: courtesy of Ubani

Ubani — Tbilisi Cityscape Research Centre announces its official opening on March 13th. Ubani is a new independent non-profit organization based in Tbilisi. The centre is dedicated to exploring, preserving, and sharing knowledge about Tbilisi's architecture, urban form, and landscape.

Starting its journey in 2023, Ubani has already begun its mission with the publication of Hollow: The Map of Tbilisi, a detailed analysis of Tbilisi's relief and urban fabric. The team, comprising scholars, architects, researchers, and cultural managers, is committed to studying Tbilisi's unique landscape, from its ancient brick masonry to Soviet modernist designs and contemporary realities.

Ubani aims to make knowledge of Tbilisi’s architecture and landscape accessible to a broader public, encourage innovative research approaches, provide resources for in-depth exploration of Tbilisi’s history, and foster engagement within the local and international professional community. A collaborative platform for sharing data and ideas is also in the works.

The Centre will kick-off its public programme with a lecture Realism after Real Socialism by Italian architect and theorist Pier Paolo Tamburelli. This is just the first in a series of engaging and educational activities planned by Ubani. The lecture will take place at Cinema House on March 13th at 19:00.

Cinema House building
Tbilisi, Dzmebi Kakabadzeebi 2