Announcements, Germany

Chinese Feeling Elsewhere Program: Diasporic Footprints in Hypermobile World

Berlin, Germany. From April 12th through 21st

Still from Elegies, Ann HUI

“Chinese Feeling Elsewhere” is a program organized by CiLENS e.V., curated by He Lin and Wang Zifei. The program explores the concept of diaspora in the Sinophone context, focusing on feelings of dislocation, loss, hope, and desire. It includes a series of slow-paced films by various filmmakers, including notable auteurs like Ann Hui and rising stars like Zheng Lu Xinyuan. These films depict individuals on the move in search of a sense of belonging and navigate intricate layers of mobility across and beyond Asia.

This program aims to celebrate diversity in Chinese filmmaking and provide a platform for exploring the concept of home(sickness) from various cultural and linguistic perspectives. All those interested in East Asian arts, visual culture, and independent cinema are invited to attend the program's events. Some activities involve audience participation, such as the poetry gathering, where attendees are encouraged to bring along poems in any language.

The program features several events, including a poetry gathering, film screenings, and discussions. Read more about the upcoming events, such as the Berlin Premiere of Ann Hui's documentary Elegies, and a dual screening of experimental documentaries about haunting histories, The Time Boat/Siam by Yang Yuye and This Shore: A Family Story by Tzu-an Wu, on the program's page here on the SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA's website

Lindower Str. 20/22, Haus C
13347 Berlin