EastEast: (no) borders Issue Call for Submissions

We are accepting proposals until November 20, 2020

Rakhim Kalybaev. Tashkent, Uzbekistan. August 2020

We invite artists, researchers, scholars, thinkers, and writers to offer up projects and stories based around the theme of our upcoming issue, (no) borders.  

A border is a real or imaginary line in space or in time that separates one object or phenomena from another. It is an invariable certainty dividing two “somethings.” Borders can be spatial, temporal, qualitative and quantitative, speculative.

The pandemic has made state borders much more tangible for everyone regardless of their status, but at the same time, it has enhanced the hierarchies that define who is allowed to cross which border. Today we see that many states are talking about full transparency and openness, but actually there is a trend towards tighter borders between countries. The world crisis reinforces both real and metaphysical, cultural and social barriers. The essence of the boundaries blurred by globalization is gaining strength again. If we look at history, all borders are constantly changing, lands are merging and getting split, gates are being set up and taken down. Borders function in a state of simultaneity; they are ghostlike, and yet more real than real.

What is the function and meaning of borders? Which borders are benign and which are malign? How can we cross real and imaginary borders? Who sets the borders? Is it possible to live in a world without borders? How can we overcome the borders of individualistic society? How do humans and nonhumans live within and without borders? EastEast is offering a platform for those willing to research these questions and experiment with the idea of (no) borders.

To participate in the open call, please send a 300-word abstract introducing your text or project. The authors of three winning proposals will be invited to develop them into full-scale materials that will be published in EastEast in February 2021. Each finalist will receive an honorarium in the amount of 250 USD. At least five other authors will get a chance to have their materials featured in EastEast’s special sections. 

We are accepting proposals until November 20, 2020 at hi@easteast.world.