Open Call for Artists, Designers, and Jewelers: The Boghossian Foundation Prize

Deadline: September 15th

Reflecting its mission to bridge East and West through the arts, the Boghossian Foundation is launching an international Prize to celebrate artists whose work fosters a better mutual understanding among cultures.

The Prize is intended to pay tribute, each year, to three winners for their work promoting a dialogue between civilisations, a principle that lies at the heart of the mission of the Boghossian Foundation. There is no age limit for the Prize.

Chaired by Jean and Albert Boghossian, the international jury will reward artists in the fields of visual arts, design and crafts, and jewelry.

The Visual Arts Prize will be awarded to a piece of art inspired by cultural dialogue. The Design and Crafts Prize reflects the importance of reconsidering everyday objects through the lens of ancestral Eastern craftsmanship. The Jewellery Prize seeks to explore modern jewelry by borrowing from the vast heritage of the world’s cultures.

Only projects promoting intercultural dialogue will be considered.

The Prize includes an amount of 12,000€ and an invitation to the artists’ residency.

Find more information about the open call and the application form on the Foundation's website