George Mason University Opens Applications for Middle East Studies Program

The early deadline for the 2021 fall semester is February 15th

Intricate mosaic tilework inside the Bou Inania Madrasa in Fez.
Photo by Dan Lundberg

The Middle East Studies Program and the Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies at George Mason University has announced an opening for applications for the Fall/Spring 2021-2022 academic year, the deadline of which is February 15th, 2021. The program aims to reposition the study of the Middle East and Islam within a global context and to help students incorporate current events and shifting historical paradigms into the process of thier research. Course offerings provide a solid background in both fields of study, however, students can choose to focus their coursework on either Middle East Studies or Islamic Studies. 

According to the program description, the Middle East Studies component marks a truly “new M.A. for a new Middle East.” Students will have the chance to study the region from multiple angles and explore emerging trends that shape current discourse in Middle East Studies. Additionally, the Islamic Studies program, while some material intersects with those of Middle East Studies, has its own unique curriculum that incorporates subjects well beyond the purview of Middle East Studies that reflect the vast intellectual interests that define Islamic Studies today. The faculty has an in depth knowledge of Islamic history, political Islam, and different religious trends which will allow students to pursue a more nuanced study of Islam. 

Visit the George Mason Middle East and Islamic Studies website for more details on the degree curriculum and application requirements. Online applications require a non-refundable $75 application processing fee.