Hatshepsut Temple in Egypt Open for Virtual Walks

You can sign up for an online tour on any available date

Left: Relief from Hatshepsut Temple in Berlin (Neues Museum)
Right: Hatshepsut Temple in Egypt
Wikimedia Commons

People can now get acquainted with the temple of Hatshepsut, the only woman who ever ruled Egypt as a pharaoh, by taking part in online tours. The excursion will show the facades of the building, images of the interior decoration, and virtual maps for navigating the attractions.

The mortuary temple complex of Hatshepsut in Deir el-Bahri was built at the beginning of the 15th century BC in the era of the New Kingdom and is located in upper Egypt on the western bank of the Nile, next to the Valley of the Kings. The complex is dedicated to Amon and Hatshepsut. The model for the construction was the nearby memorial temple of Mentuhotep II.

The tour costs $ 10 and you can choose a suitable date through the website.