WCSCD to Host “Towards the New Future” Symposium

The symposium will take place from March 22nd to 31st via multiple online platforms

WCSCD (What Could/Should Curating Do?) was initiated and funded in 2018 in Belgrade as an educational platform around notions of curatorial. They are hosting a new symposium titled As you go… roads under your feet, towards the new future. It is a long-term project and research inquiry that reflects on the Belt and Road Initiative and how it will alter the aesthetics and practices of everyday life in different local contexts of Ethiopia, Serbia, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, China, and Kazakhstan. The symposium will take place from March 22nd to 31st with online stream via multiple platforms including e-flux, WCSCD, facebook, and YouTube.

The project started in February 2020 just before the pandemic was announced. The current conditions transformed the project into much more than just an examination of the BRI. “Our walk opens up the question of whether this new cold war slowly unfolding in front of us—caused by pandemic—can create and foster connections that no state can control, but which we need and are truly ours.” Since April 2020, due to the pandemic, organizers and participants employed the “dig where you stand” strategy and have been working with fifteen researchers across Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Serbia, Slovenia, and China. The research inquiry has been developed trying to listen to local urgencies and learn from them.

This symposium will share thinking with and walking with partners cells, as well as researchers through six days symposium that will be available through live stream. 

For more information about the symposium, visit the website