Opinions, (no)borders

Born in Ghostland Vol.2—Sepand Shahab

Yelena Zhelezov discusses "home" with the Iran-born composer

Yelena Zhelezov calls Sepand Shahab, an Iran-born experimental composer based in Los Angeles, to discuss what it was like to grow up in Southern California, decode the symbolic meaning of “a house with a lawn,” recall a forbidden dance party on a bus heading out of Tehran, and wonder why the idea of home is so elusive. Can one think of a physical place as a time instead?

This is volume two of Born in Ghostland. While re-visiting the apartment of her childhood, spent in Soviet Belarus, Los Angeles-based artist and our (no) borders open call finalist Yelena Zhelezov talks to people who experienced a border change, either in name or territory. What is it like to live in the shadow of a disappeared place, a missing definition? What happens to the sense of belonging? Are there déjà vus? What remains?

Sepand Shahab
Composer and sound artist living in Los Angeles. His pieces combine field recordings, simple electronic sounds, and open instrumental parts in an attempt to include the performing environment in the listener’s experience.
Yelena Zhelezov
Artist working with sculpture, video, and text, based in Los Angeles and Belarus.