Moscow International Experimental Film Festival to Start Soon

Screenings will be held in local cinemas from August 19th to 25th in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures

Still from The Time Is Now. (I+II) by Heidrun Holzfeind
Moscow International Experimental Film Festival

The fifth Moscow International Experimental Film Festival will take place in Moscow from August 19th to 25th. This international cultural and educational platform was founded in 2016, with a focus on works that involve a wide variety of artistic strategies and practices that go beyond classical film aesthetics. In compliance with all recommended anti-epidemic measures, screenings will be held at several venues: the Illusion cinema, the Moskino halls, the Richter space, and the Garage museum.

In addition to the annual international competition, a Russian competition will be held for the first time this year and is aimed at supporting local directors and artists. Other programs include a special series of shows called “Fireworks”, about the nature of the spectacle, and the first retrospective in Russia by the avant-garde director and artist Barbara Hammer.

EastEast senior editor and co-curator of the international competition, Kirill Rozhentsov, says that this year “the festival program turned out to be very diverse: in this impressive collection of artistic approaches and spatio-temporal routes, dystopian sensibility can coexist with media nostalgia, while conceptual performances and queer dances can coexist with structural cinema and decolonial visual research.” In his opinion, it’s more important “that experiments with form were not the determining criterion for inclusion in the program; an important condition has always been attentiveness to local contexts and sensitivity to ethical issues.”

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