Syg.ma announces an open call for participation in the Tashkent-Tbilisi research project

Authors and editors are invited to submit applications by September 10th

Tatar club. Poster by A. Platunova, 1935
Mardjani Foundation

The independent platform Syg.ma, which publishes texts on humans, cultural phenomenons, and society, is starting a new research project, "Tashkent-Tbilisi", about the recent history of the countries of the former USSR,  supported by The Prince Claus Fund. Authors and editors are invited to reflect on developments in Central Eurasia before and after the October Revolution, the formation of national republics and new identities, and the challenges faced by the independent republics after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Applications with the research description can be submitted by September 10th.

The preparatory phase of the project will run from October 2020 until May 2021 and will include presentations of research and artwork on the culture and history of the region. Presentations in the format of a conversation or a lecture will be broadcast online on the Syg.ma YouTube channel. The final stage of the project will be a publication on Syg.ma that will include a series of essays, interviews, and notes derived from presentations.

Independent authors—sociologists, historians, cultural theorists, artists, and directors working with archival materials and documentary chronicles, are invited to participate in the open call. As for editors of the project, applications are expected from employees of universities and cultural institutions, as well as from independent curators. There is a fee provided for both authors and editors. 

You can follow news on the project on the telegram channel "Tashkent-Tbilisi". Applications in the form of motivation letters can be submitted by September 10th at: furqat@syg.ma