Romanian Journal Kajet Announces Open Call for Fifth Issue

Applications are accepted until December 1st, 2020

Cover by Anna Grozavu.
Kajet Journal

Kajet, a journal based in Bucharest and dedicated to Eastern European encounters, is inviting submissions for their fifth issue, which is meant to “take place within the realm of the future.” This edition will be focused on the possibilities of the future—on what might “tomorrow’ bring.” The fifth issue of Kajet will address a variety of questions, including: Are alternative possibilities still possible? Can we disentangle ourselves from the traps of capital, from globalizing and homogenizing narratives that shape our imagination? What does Eastern Europe’s future look like? 

Onto this backdrop, they will publish twenty written texts and five visual/photography projects. The call lists a lengthy variety of potential topics, such as: technology and the future of labor as revolutionary prospect in Eastern Europe, neocolonialism, post-capitalist ecology, and the future of Eastern Europe, and de-centring the Western art canon and a future-oriented approach to contemporary art at the so-called margins of Europe. Besides the suggested themes, they are also interested in publishing short stories, autobiographical threads, and fiction, as well as visual projects, such as photo series and illustrations. The emphasis remains on covering academic subjects with an accessible overtone. 

For written work, the suggested word length is between 1,500 and 4,000 words. If you are interested in submitting your work, send an email with the completed project as well as a brief bio by December 1st, 2020 to the following email address: contact@kajetjournal.com 

Visit Kajet’s website for a more detailed description of the call.