Announcements, Saudi Arabia

Diriyah Art Futures: One-year Program for Emerging Media Artists

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Deadline: April 29th

Photo: Hassan Ali Al-Shatti, courtesy of Schiattarella Associati

Diriyah Art Futures is launching a one-year emerging artists program for artists interested in new media and digital arts. The program offers the opportunity to work alongside prominent artists in the field, access to advanced tech equipment, and a production budget. The program is open to emerging artists globally but focuses on those from the Middle East and North Africa. Applicants should be 35 years or younger, at the graduate or postgraduate completion stage, and have experience in creating digital and new media art.

The one-year Emerging Artists Programme at Diriyah Art Futures offers a comprehensive learning journey for artists interested in new media and digital arts. The first three months are dedicated to thematic and conceptual explorations through seminars, lectures, screenings, and workshops on various topics such as the impact of technology on society and the environment, digital art's role in societal transformation, and the intersection of humans and artificial intelligence. In the subsequent six months, artists receive personalized mentorship from industry leaders while producing their artwork using advanced technologies provided by the Diriyah Art Futures labs. The program culminates with the exhibition of the artists' works. The selected artworks will be exhibited at Diriyah Art Futures.

Applicants must be able to provide proof of academic qualifications or professional experience and have exhibition and practice experience in new media and technology arts. Knowledge of English is also required. The application must include an administrative section, texts (including education and artist biography, a letter of interest, an artist statement, and a project proposal), and a visual material portfolio.

Applicants will be judged on originality, technical skills, multi- or trans-disciplinarity, general culture, interest in new media and digital idioms, and presentation of their portfolio. Duo applications are also accepted. The results will be confirmed directly by electronic mail in June 2024. Learn more on DAF's website